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Product Usage Tips, Guildelines and FAQ's

Product Usage Guide

How do I apply Bouncy Curls Moisturizing Hold Pudding?

For best results apply all products to clean wet hair. 

1) Apply small (dime sized amounts) of products to sections of hair and add more product as needed. Make sure to smooth, comb or brush pudding into hair for even distribution and absorption.

2) *Important: If you apply too much product to your hair squeeze the excess from your hair by gently running the palms of your hands down each section of hair or by gently scrunching your hair with a microfiber towel or t-shirt. 

3) Seal with oil such as our Amazing Growth Serum.

4) Style as desired.

Additional tips:

1. Using a spray bottle will keep hair wet during the styling process.

2. This is a rich, thick curl pudding with a custard like consistency a little goes a long way.

How do I apply Amazing Growth Serum

Always apply to wet hair

For daily-weekly use: 

Step 1: Use the provided dropper to measure desired amount of serum.

Step 2: Massage serum into hair and scalp.

To use as a hot oil treatment:

Step 1: Part wet hair into 8-10 sections.

Step 3: Smooth half a dropper full of serum into medium sections of wet hair. 

Step 2: Cover hair with heat cap for 10-15 minutes. (Optional: Leave in overnight).

Step 3: Rinse with lukewarm water followed by a final rinse in cool water.

To use as a sealing oil:

After applying a butter or gel based product ( Such as Bouncy Curls Moisturizing Hold Pudding or Healthy Hair and Scalp Nutrition) smooth small amounts of Amazing Growth serum into hair prior to completing styling.
*May also be used on beards.

How do I apply Healthy Hair and Scalp Nutrition?

*Important: For best results and maximum absorption always apply to wet hair. This is an herbal hair butter and applying to wet hair will allow the herbs to melt into your hair and scalp.

For daily-weekly use: Massage dime sized amounts into hair and scalp as needed. 

To use as a deep conditioning hair mask: 
Step 1: Smooth nickel sized amounts in to small sections of wet hair. 

Step 2: Cover hair with a heating cap for 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse hair with warm water while gently massaging hair and scalp to loosen the mask, follow with a final rinse in cool water.

*Please note: (Optional) Customers may opt to shampoo hair with a gentle sulfate free shampoo as the final step.

Custom and personalized orders

1) Gently rub a small amount of pomade into the palm of your hand to warm it.

2) Smooth a pea sized amount (don't over apply) onto desired areas of clean, wet/damp hair. 

*Important: This is a strong hold pomade very little is needed to smooth edges of hair and/or hold hair in place.

Additional tips: May also be used on beards and mustaches.

How do I use the Botanical Detangler?

1) Apply nickel sized amounts to sections of clean wet hair.

2) Gently detangle hair with a wide toothed comb starting with the ends and working your way towards the roots.

3) If desired, once detangling is complete apply a styling aid such as ( Bouncy Curls Moisturizing Hold Pudding) and a sealing oil such as ( Amazing Growth Serum) then style as desired. 

Additional tips: Use a spray bottle filled with water to keep hair wet during the detangling process.

What do I do if my products are delivered during extremely hot weather?

Hot weather during the summer months may result in temporary changes in product consistency. **This won't affect the product quality.** To keep the Kae'Ana Naturals product line as safe and natural we don't use unnatural emulsifiers, waxes and stabilizers. 

We will ship products that are purely butter based ( such as body and hair butters) with additional insulation to prevent melting during transit. 

In the event that your product arrives and the container is hot or warm to the touch please do not open the jar. Place the jar upright in the refrigerator for 1 hr to allow contents to settle and solidify. Once butters have solidified open jar and gently whip product with a clean dry utensil to increase volume to original level.